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Administrative and Clerical Services


We make it our priority to give our clients every possible business advantage we can in managing their property.  We believe as managers that it is our duty to listen and respond to our clients needs and criticism in order to make our service better in ever facet of our company.


Financial Responsibility for Condominium Associations


1.) Collect all common area charges and maintain accurate records of all individual owner condominium fee 

     payments and balances if applicable.


2.)  Maintain interest bearing accounts in the name of the Condominium Trust


3.)  Notification to delinquent owners as instructed by the Trustees


4.)  Receive and monitor all vendor invoices relating to the association


5.)  Maintain and file all records of financial disbursements and receipts.


6.)  Provide the Trustees with monthly financial reports. This will include all the financial activity related to the 



7.) Provide a year end financial statement to all owners. This would occur within (30) thirty days of the close of  

     the fiscal year.


8.) Review and recommend to the Trustees the annual budget within (45) forty five to (30) thirty days prior to

     the close of the fiscal year.


9.) Serve as a liaison with the associations attorney in matters involving delinquency collections or any other 

     financial needs.


10.) work with the associations accountant in the preparation of the year end financial statements and the

       filling of the associations tax returns.



Insurance Administration


• Review the property appraisal to ensure the proper value of any policy submitted


• Seek competitive bids for the master policy


• Review and advise on current deductibles


• Maintain accurate records of all associated insurance coverage


• Investigate and maintain records and reports of damages, accidents and claims relating to the association.  

  To submit all claims and accompanying information that is relevant in a timely manor



Building and Grounds Maintenance procedure and explanation of services


Trent Thomas Group realizes the importance of general maintenance needs to all Condominium associations.  In compliance with each associations needs for maintenance are the cost factors involved in providing this service.  With these two factors in mind, Trent Thomas Group provides its clients with In House general maintenance services and other services not related to general maintenance.  In either case, this system was designed to save money and allow owners to get accustomed to persons they may see in and around their property on a normal basis.


 Trent Thomas Group only provides the In House services to our clients with their approval and would not in any circumstances initiate work without prior Trustee approval.  The overall outcome of these services will be timely responses to client needs and below industry cost for the same quality service.  We firmly believe that eight out of ten maintenance needs can be accomplished without major costs associated with them.  This would include all jobs not related to obtaining a building permit.  The following will describe in detail all In House services and non In House services with a brief explanation for each service.


Services Provided by Trent Thomas Group Personnel,

For Unit Owners And Associations



  Unit renovation including door and frame installation, window repair, linoleum flooring


  Toilet installation, shower installation and repair, snaking of drains, disposal service with wiring,   

  kitchen sink repair, removal and new installation, bathroom and kitchen faucet and stem repair, soldering  of  

  joints, new installation where needed, hot water assessments


  light fixtures, outlets, switches, sockets


  Repair all related appliances, stoves, refrigerators, washers & dryers, air conditioners, heat

  pumps or HVAC systems


  Painting, Plastering, wallpapering interior and exterior

Snow Plowing

  Trustee approval snow removal and shoveling, when needed


  Unit clean outs

Locksmith Service  removal / installation on all types


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